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Ending Homelessness with God's Love

Thanksgiving on Good Friday

Thanksgiving on Good Friday

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, Thanksgiving on Good Friday was a tremendous success. Nearly 3,000 homeless and needy men, women, and children were able to experience a very special time. Following the example of Jesus, volunteers washed the feet of those in attendance. Podiatry students from Barry University provided foot care services. Guests attending also received a purple MISSION HOPE bag filled with hygiene items and clothing.

Over 80 men and women came off the streets during the outreach.

Super thanks and much appreciation to our entire team that made Thanksgiving on Good Friday such a huge success.

Look at all that was accomplished and the thousands of lives that were impacted. People in great need experienced the love of God and of our communities. Your support touched so many lives!

Provided 3,000 meals!

Over 600 had their feet washed.
Barry University provided foot care!

Had over 500 Fantastic Volunteers serving!

Provided nearly 300 haircuts!

Over 350 attended our health fairs!

Nearly 400 kids had special activities and were given Easter Baskets!

Over 1,000 articles of clothing were given out!

80 homeless men and women decided to enter one of our programs!

Prayed with 400 guests!


“Today has been so special. Our team was washing the feet of people we never met, but they were so thankful. I feel so special. Thanksgiving on Good Friday was a very special time for me and my family. So many people were blessed and encouraged.”

Vanessa, Volunteer

There was great food (entire Thanksgiving meal), entertainment, Easter Baskets, haircuts, children’s activities and so much more. A very special thank you to our wonderful volunteers, donors and supporters. Also, a shout out to Scott Evans Productions for services at our Hollywood Center. We can’t do all that we do without YOU!

“Thanksgiving on Good Friday is one of our four great outreaches to the homeless, poor, and needy during the year. You have to be present to really see the impact on people's lives. Our supporters are so special. Our goal is let people know througout the year that God and our communities care about them. It is an amazing demonstration of love.”

Rev. Ronald Brummitt, President/CEO

Foot care by Barry Universitry

Foot washing and care for over 600.

Over 400 Easter Baskets given

Over 400 Easter Baskets given to kids.

Volunteers Serving

Over 500 Fantastic Volunteers were on hand.

Barry University Podiatry Students

Barry University Podiatry Students

Thanksgiving on Good Friday served the homeless and needy.

Over 3,000 meals were served in Miami, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach.

Our Miami and Broward Centers in Brief

The Miami Campus has served the homeless and needy since 1922. The administration offices, Center for Men, Center for Women and Children, Jeffrey A. Tew Education Center, Community Activity Center-which provides out of school and summer programs for children, Food Warehouse, Health Clinic, and Thrift Stores are located in a three block area off NW 1st Ave. and NW 20th Street. The Centers offer emergency and residential programs. An additional building houses 78 men and has a conference center. The combined Centers provide 390 beds for residential and emergency services.

The Hollywood Campus was opened in 1997 after serving the homeless and needy of Broward beginning in 1992. It was the first center in Broward to offer comprehensive programs for the homeless. The Hollywood Campus has 128 beds for residential programs and 18 emergency beds to serve men, women, and children. It is located at the corner of Scott Street and Old Dixie Highway, near Sheridan Street.

The Pompano Beach Campus was opened in 2002 and has 200 beds for residential programs and 20 emergency beds to serve men, women, and children. The campus is located in the northern part of Broward County near Copans Road. Men, women, and children are served as well as a special program to engage the chronic homeless.

“ Special thanks to all of our donors, supporters, and volunteers who help us serve the homeless and needy. The experience of seeing formerly homeless men and women, in cap and gown, walk the stage and look forward to new lives is so inspiring. Blessings to our graduates and to you. ”

Rev. Ronald Brummitt, President